Innovations and
Entrepreneurship Centre

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is famous for its longevous connections with businesses, as well as a wide spectrum of technology related studies and research.

In order for these close relationships with businesses to become even more incentivised, in 2012 KTU and Aalto University Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE, Finland) signed a memorandum to establish KTU Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre (KTU IVC).

In 2014 KTU, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), and Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) signed a joint agreement to rename KTU IVC into National Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre (NIVC).

In 2015 Vytautas Magnus University (VDU) joined the partnership.

NIVC is open to all scientists, researchers, students, and entrepreneurs. NIVC unites and integrates activities of science and business valleys "Santaka" and "Nemunas". Our aim is to create proper conditions for high-quality research services to businesses by employing the Single Window principle, thus making the interaction between research and business more effective.

A similarly relevant area of activity is the coordination of technology development and its commercialization by helping to start-up and develop business companies, and to attract the necessary investment.

National Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre
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Santaka Valley has three science and technology parks (KTU Regional Science Park, Technopolis ir Kaunas High-Tech and Information Technology Park). Companies located within these parks operate in accordance with the thematic areas of Santaka Valley: future energy, sustainable chemistry and biopharmacy, mechatronics and electronic technologies, information and communication technologies.

Future Energy

  1. VšĮ Kauno regioninė energetikos agentūra (KREA)
    KREA was founded in 2003 under the EU SAVE II Programme project Establishment of Three SAVE Energy Management Agencies in the Municipality of Venice, Italy, the Region of Kaunas, Lithuania, the Region of Reunion, France. KREA has a legal status of Public Institution. The founders of KREA are Kaunas City Municipality, Lithuanian Energy Institute, Kaunas University of Technology and AB Kauno energija.
  2. IĮ Pastatų sertifikavimo biuras
    Studies are carried out by assessing the environmental impact on buildings heat losses and the microclimate of premises. According to studies results the prognosis is made on building energy consumption in changing environmental conditions. The data is used in consulting clients on energy saving, reducing the costs of building heating and ensuring comfortable microclimate conditions in buildings. Implementation of new technological solutions and proper selection of engineering equipment operating parameters allow reducing the overall building heating costs up to 15-20 percent.
  3. UAB Bioenergetika ir investicijos
    Main sectors of activity: wind, biomass, solar and hydro energy. The company has a team of experienced specialists who prepare feasibility studies on wind power plants in Lithuania: wind speed measurement, location selection studies, design and installation works, assistance in receiving the necessary documents from Lithuanian institutions. The company is a member of Lithuanian Association of Bioenergetics and Energy Saving and is actively working in the field of renewable energy sources development.
  4. AB Energetikos projektai
  5. UAB Santaviltė
    Engineering-technical company providing the services of technical systems design, examination, instalment, PLC and SCADA programming, start-up, technical and copyright maintenance.

Sustainable Chemistry and Biopharmacy

  1. UAB Alvinta
    Provides broad range quality consulting services in the following environmental fields: enterprise environmental assessment, environmental documents preparation (IPPC, EIA), waste management, chemical substances registration, air and water pollution monitoring, scent control, and etc. We also provide consultations on work safety, fire safety and civil protection issues, preparation of various documents, and professional risk assessment.
  2. UAB Mundia
    Sectors of activity: medical equipment, materials and tools.

Mechatronics and Electronic Technology

  1. UAB Lime Microsystems
    Lime Microsystems specializes in technical sciences research and applied works, which currently involve large integrated circuits design and topology creation with automated design systems. Integrated circuits are designed with both analogue and digital parts. The clients of designed products are companies developing innovative projects that mismatch standard solutions or standard solutions do not meet the needs of the company. Production of electrical and optical equipment.
    ITPC specializes in creation, application and implementation of services and products for enterprises and organizations’ IT systems maintenance. The company provides computer networks design and deployment services, implementation of VoIP, IP TV, surveillance systems, using the latest achievements in information technologies. We provide all IT services, create complex information technologies solutions, which help our clients to achieve their goals.
  3. UAB Aksonas
    Mechanical equipment, design and manufacturing company. UAB Aksonas was established on December 13, 2005, gathering together the staff with over ten years experience in industrial equipment design, automation, manufacturing and exploitation.

Information and Communication Technologies

  1. UAB Būtenta
    UAB BŪTENTA is an information technology company which develops, integrates and maintains business software BŪTENT. The company was founded in 2000 and had seven employees. Today it has grown into a company group which includes UAB BŪTENTA and UAB BŪTENTA Vilnius branch, subsidiary companies UAB BŪTENTA and partners, as well as UAB B-NET Solutions.
  2. UAB Simbiotecha
    UAB Simbiotecha is a young and dynamic company, developing its activities in IT and electronics production fields. As of 2006 the company makes considerable investments into service quality and development of new intelligent products, allocating around 50% of the company's profit. The company specializes in real time traffic control and management system. The latest product is GATE-FM system for gliders, allowing broadcasting gliding competition through www. to gliding fans all over the world. The last World Cup showed that GATE-FM significantly outperforms its analogues from Sweden and Austria in terms of ensuring the same technological service. Presently the equipment was purchased by the Czech and Slovak glider holders. GATE-FM provides world gliding fans to watch the competitions free of charge.
  3. UAB Informatikos ir ryšių technologijų centras (IRTC)
    UAB Informatikos ir ryšių technologijų centras (Centre of Computer and Telecommunication Technologies, further - IRTC) was established in 1997. The company specializes in developing and implementing information technology control solutions and automated accounting software for the following companies: heat generation and supply companies; water supply companies; electricity generation and supply companies; gas supply companies; building administration and service companies; street and road lightning companies; industrial companies.
  4. Unity Technologies
    “Painless game development”. Unity is a multiplatform game development tool for facilitating development process as much as possible.
  5. UAB Uniplicity
    UAB Uniplicity is a young, fast growing company. We specialize in software development, specifically content and document management systems. In addition we provide programming services for several Netherlands companies. Our product Uniplicity|Report is already distributed in the Netherlands, Spain and other countries. Implementing the latest technologies and having considerable experience we ensure simple and safe report creation process for medium and small enterprises.
  6. UAB Net Frequency
    Main field of activity: software development, e-business solutions. The company specializes in industrial robot control systems and their application in medicine, stock market analysis, audio/video system design, and installation of CRM systems.
  7. UAB Singletonas
    UAB Singletonas was founded by a group of young programmers. Their goal is to provide the best components with the best service. Company employees include highly-experienced programmers and technicians. Main activity: development of software and its components.
  8. UAB Proginta
    The main objective of the company is to address the challenges of industrial companies and explore new opportunities in software development (e.g. e-commerce). We also looking for new contacts and are currently cooperation with foreign partners in Sweden and Denmark. Implementation and support of already implemented and new software products; computer and network maintenance; user consultation.
  9. UAB Mobiliųjų sprendimų centras
    UAB Mobiliųjų sprendimų centras (Mobile Solution Centre – MSC) is a company developing and implementing modern ITT solutions and services. Currently MSC provides location-based services (LBS) through web portal MSC also provides MSC MPS technical platform for GSM network operators. MSC is the first and so far the only Lithuanian company providing location-based services.
  10. UAB Rinka plius
    In the begining of 2009 UAB RINKAPLIUS has opened an internet shopping centre Here various salesmen with their shops will provide goods and services, while the customers will have simple and easy way see, compare, evaluate and buy the offered goods on most favourable terms. Our e-shop is already prepared for every legal or natural person who is willing and has something to sell. Sold goods and services will be visible and available to every visitor of The salesman only has to name his goods and put them into “shelves, i.e. to load the items into e-shop. That you can do any time, as the e-shop does not have “day-offs” nor for the seller, neither for the customer.
  11. UAB Technologinių paslaugų sprendimai
    Secure audio and video data transmission solutions and services using internet networks; card loyalty system using microchips and magnetic controllers; data storage and processing solutions using RAID and SATA controllers; information protection solutions and services.
  12. UAB Armabelus
    Data transmission network design, instalment and maintenance; optic cable lines design, construction and maintenance; private branch exchange (PBX) design, instalment and maintenance; facilities security and fire alarm systems design, instalment and maintenance; entrance control systems design, instalment and maintenance; video surveillance and recording systems design, instalment and maintenance; special programmes development under request.
  13. UAB Teltonika
    Established on April 15, 1998, the company specializes in mobile and wireless telecommunication equipment design, production and instalment. In 2005 Teltonika became an international Lithuanian-Finnish company. In 2007 we received ISO 9001:2008 certificate of conformance, simultaneously reaching the number of 96 listed export countries. In 2009 Teltonika has partnered with Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited.
  14. UAB Madiks projektai
    UAB Madiks projektai was established under the basis of multi-disciplinary team. Our activities are based on original ideas, know-how and time proven management methods, ensuring continues growth and productivity.
  15. UAB Internet Studio
    UAB Internet Studio, working mainly with ZOOM Creative brand, as of 2005 provides e-solutions development and maintenance services.
  16. UAB Agmis
    UAB Agmis is a company member of STP Technopolis providing professional programming services. The company was established in 2007 by a team of IT professionals with over 10 years of experience in international software development projects. We create systems which are not commercially available and are not created by others. We have deep knowledge in telecommunications, electronic commerce and banking information systems, but these are just few of our competences.

Institutes and

Santaka Valley develops the following most promising areas: diagnostic and measurement technologies, smart environment and information technologies, new materials for hi-technologies, technologies for sustainable development, and energy, sustainable growth and sustainable evolution of socio-culture.

More than 9.000 square meters in valley are dedicated to research infrastructure. In total, 350 working places are installed there, the value of equipment is approximately 27,5 million Euro. In collaboration with Danish professionals, the first “clean room” in Lithuania was equipped in this valley. The research of nanotechnology, semiconductors and microelectronics elements, complying with the highest quality standards, are carried out in this specialized laboratory.

Santaka Valley is open to scientists and researchers, carrying out the contracted research and development works, and implementing the projects in the fields of sustainable chemistry and biopharmacy, mechatronics and electronic technology, future energy, information ad communication technologies. There are perfect conditions in Santaka Valley for research and commercialization of their results – there are laboratories, equipped with modern testing equipment and complying with the highest international standards.

Information System
of Open Access

National Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre (NIVC) is open to all scientists, researchers, students, and entrepreneurs. NIVC unites and integrates activities of science and business valleys "Santaka" and "Nemunas". Our aim is to create proper conditions for high-quality research services to businesses by employing the Single Window principle, thus making the interaction between research and business more effective.

A similarly relevant area of activity is the coordination of technology development and its commercialization by helping to start-up and develop business companies, and to attract the necessary investment.

Information System of Open Access Centres (APCIS)
NIVC offers scientists, researchers, studends, and entrepreneurs to have an access to services and equipment provided by Open Access Centres of Santaka Valley:

Santaka Valley

Project participants - 4 largest research and study institutions
(establishers of Open Access Centres in Santaka Valley) of Kaunas,
and business companies - partners:

Kaunas University of Technology

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Vytautas Magnus University

Lithuanian Energy Institute

AB Kauno tiltai

MG Baltic Concern

AB Achema

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